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Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
a super bowl would be steve young we'll get the take on the impressive >>> good evening we come to you live from new orleans we're less than two day frtz kickoff in super bowl 47. the 49ers and ravens both worked out at new orleans saints practice facility today. weather outside was nice, warm and sunny today. yet, jim harbaugh decided to go inside to simulate conditions niners will face on sunday and piped in loud crowd noise just to get used to the conditions. the talk has been about harbaugh brother versus brother it's also father versus son. jim's onjay works on the baltimore staff for john. >> maybe that will be the edge. you know? sent him texts and i don't want to get him worried but i'm proud and have heard he's done a great job. that means the world. >> i got a chance to talk with steve young. >> it's 18 years after a certain someone won a super bowl for 49ers. too long for red and gold. >> i regret 98 and 92. you know? it's like you think of ther÷ru things you came close to. so grateful for 94. it's a great year. you think so close, many times, it's great to see 49ers back.
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm PST
and steve jobs. saying he took candidates on a hike. >> meeting in the board room let's meet on the woods. >> and he did that sflt. >> he did. he did. >> zuckerberg learned from jobs mistakes when facebook went public zuckerberg kept a ÷ he can't be fired. >> the fact that spending was way higher than it was. >> the rollout of the search is costing money. he knows they'll bring in cash. he may be a hacker at heart but surrounded himself with a business like cheryl sandberg walters says is good at everything zuckerberg isn't. >> he admits his short coming. very big, i think, in the leadership role. >> michael finney is up next with a service unlike any other. >>> despite weather tomorrow is february 1 and it's time to start thinking about valentine's day flowers. >> yes. there is a lot of competition for business. so michael finney has been looking into some unique services being offered. >> you're going to say why didn't i think of that? sending players is expensive ask how do you know what you paid for is what was sent. >> when sending flowers we have concern that's what we bought and p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2